What our clients have to say

I reached out to Houlihan Solicitors for assistance with an injury claim, and I'm very glad I did - it took nearly 3 years to settle the claim, but Donal and his team did a fantastic job, and took care of things right the way through. I am grateful for the outcome & am certain that the result was due to this law firm’s commitment to strive for fairness & peace of mind for their clients.
Jeanne Preece
My experience with Houlihan Solicitors was superb.  I found them to be extremely helpful, very efficient and they got the job done better than I could have expected. My award was almost 4 times more than what the injuries board offered me, I couldn’t see myself achieving a better result.
Aneta Dyszko, Dublin
Houlihan Solicitors are one of the best. I found their firm to be extremely attentive and caring. They made it their mission to make sure my case achieved the best possible outcome and I believe it did.
Patrick Walsh, Galway
I found the whole Injuries Board and Court process to be very stress-free, thanks to Houlihan Solicitors. I would definitely recommend giving them a call for some advice, I’m glad I did.
Powel Slowinski, Limerick
Houlihan Solicitors gave me the best advice when I found myself in in a difficult situation. After I was involved in an accident, I didn’t know which way to turn. Houlihan Solicitors walked me through the process and helped me every step of the way. They made sure I understood the process, they answered all my questions, no matter how trivial. I would most definitely recommend Houlihan Solicitors to anyone.
Leonard Earls, Limerick